How do I apply for financial aid?

Students wishing to apply for financial aid must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the appropriate deadline for the term in which they are applying. You can apply on line at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

Is financial aid available for summer classes?

Federal loans are available for summer classes (usually in the form of a Graduate PLUS Loan). You will need to submit the ITC Summer Financial Aid Application if you wish to apply for summer aid, which is typically available in April of each year. The Financial Aid Office will notify all current students once the application is available.

If I am only planning to receive merit-based aid, do I need to fill out the FAFSA?

No. Only students who are applying for need-based aid are required to submit the FAFSA. However, we encourage all prospective students to apply for aid in the event that you do qualify for need-based aid or decide not to use available student loan options.

What is the deadline to submit the FAFSA?  What if I miss the deadline?

The FAFSA can be completed as early as January 1. We recommend that you submit the FAFSA shortly after January 1 to ensure you have access to as many types of federal aid as possible, as some funds can run out as time passes. To increase your chances of receiving highly sought-after awards such as work-study, students should apply by February 15.

How long will it take ITC to receive my FAFSA?

We will typically receive your FAFSA within 7-10 days after you submit it. You can verify receipt on the Power Campus self-service.

What is my Expected Family Contribution?

Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)–calculated when the FAFSA is completed–is an amount that indicates how much of a student’s resources should be considered “available” for college expenses. It is used as an index to determine financial need, however, and should not be thought of as a dollar amount you will need to pay to ITC.

How is financial need determined?

Financial need is calculated by subtracting your Expected Family Contribution from your Cost of Attendance. The total amount of your need-based awards cannot exceed your calculated financial need. Need-based financial aid awards include scholarships, grants and work-study.

Has the Graduate PLUS Loan I applied for been certified by ITC?

Please allow 1-2 weeks for a loan to be certified. Once your PLUS Loan is certified by ITC, it will appear as a part of your overall financial aid package on Power Campus.

What are my options if I was denied a Grad PLUS Loan?

Students who are denied a Graduate PLUS loan can either reapply with an endorser (co-signer) or appeal the decision. Find further information about your options on www.studentloans.gov.

I have additional aid not listed on my award letter (such as a private scholarship), will this affect my financial aid package?

It might. Your financial aid eligibility is limited by the cost of attendance and your expected family contribution. Therefore, if you receive additional aid (such as a grant, scholarship, or tuition benefit) from outside ITC, we may have to adjust your financial aid award package. We will first reduce student loans, then work-study, before reducing any ITC scholarships or grants.

I haven’t received my award letter. When can I expect it?

Award letters are sent out every year in early April for incoming students and late-May for continuing students. Remember you must be admitted to an ITC program to receive an award letter. If you have not received it, and you feel like you should have, we may need some additional documentation from you. Be sure to check your financial aid requirements on Power Campus, or contact our office for more information.

If I accept a loan, will it be disbursed over fall and spring terms automatically?

Any aid you accept will be split evenly between the fall and spring terms, unless you attend the summer term. If you will only be here for one term, or will be graduating early, your loan will be disbursed in two increments within the term you are attending. The first disbursement will be made near the beginning of the term and the second disbursement will be made at the mid-term.

I was awarded Federal Work-Study. How do I apply for a position?

If you were awarded work-study, you will have to attend a student employee workshop at the beginning of the fall term. You will receive notification via your ITC email address with details of job placement. New students on the program will need their original state issued driver’s license and their federal issued social security card. Copies are not acceptable.

Will I lose my financial aid if I choose not to maintain full or half-time enrollment status?

All federal aid, including student loans and work-study, are only available to you if you maintain half-time enrollment (6 credits). The terms of departmental scholarships may vary. Please contact your graduate department directly for information about the minimum requirements of those awards.

How will my financial aid be affected if I withdraw from all of my classes?

A portion of your loans may have to be returned, even if they have already been disbursed to your account. Please review our refund and withdrawal policy for more information. You may not be making satisfactory academic progress in a subsequent term(s)

Are there academic requirements for me to keep my financial aid?

In order to keep receiving any federal aid, including loans, you must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The minimum standards for SAP are:

  1. Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.25
  2. Complete and pass a minimum of 67% of all the courses you attempted
  3. Complete your degree requirements within 150% of the minimum credits required to graduate

If you fail to meet these minimum standards, your financial aid will be placed on suspension.




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