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Rise Together

Introducing the RISE Together Mentorship Network, an initiative of Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York in collaboration with the Women of Color in Ministry (WOCIM) Project. RISE Together seeks to Renew, Inspire, Support and Empower female ministers, activists, and scholars by providing compassionate, culturally-relevant, professional connections and leadership development opportunities.

If you are interested in receiving mentoring and joining this National Network of female centered relationships and spaces, follow the link and complete an online application and survey profile. RISE Together is currently seeking mentees for two-year fellowships in six regional cohorts. The Interdenominational Theological Center, an institutional affiliate with RISE, will host a regional cohort.

To learn more, visit RISE Together Mentorship Network. To apply now go to: RISE Together Mentee Application. *Applications are due on or before Friday, December 22 and acceptances will be announced in mid-January.

All are invited to attend the National Mentorship Network Launch & Leadership Forum, The Power of Our Voices. This free event will be held March 8-10, 2018 at Union.

Youth Hope Builders

The purpose of the Youth Hope-Builders Academy is to promote the growth and development of Black youth as Christians and to enliven their awareness of and commitment to Christian vocation and practices in the Church and world through hope-filled and hope-building methods. The Academy also seeks to foster the support of parent/guardians, church and community leaders for their youth in the formation of Christian identity and life direction. The ultimate goal is for these adults to see their participation in the Academy and their ongoing support of their youth as a pivotal part of their own Christian practices and learning.

The project also intends to increase the interest and enhance the ability of present and future seminarians and ministry leaders in developing and implementing effective strategies for youth ministry.

Black Women in Church and Society


The office of BWCS was organized in 1981 to encourage and to facilitate the inclusion and full participation of women in the life and work of the Church and the larger society. Using education as a tool, we seek to create a context for constructive and positive changes in women’s reality and thus, in the Church and the larger society. Black Women in Church and Society is a program with local and national foci.


To this end, BWCS is committed to increasing the knowledge base about Black women in the Church and the society. Every aspect of the work of BWCS supports the acquisition of knowledge for the purpose of correcting miseducation and misconceptions with respect to African American women, and thus advancing their cause.

Programs and Activities

The programs, courses, initiatives and activities to fulfill the mission of the BWCS include:

Black Women in Ministry course (Summer Intensive*)

Women in Religion course (Interdisciplinary Fall/Spring)

Womanist Theology course (Spring) (*Also available for continuing education units

Womanist Talk Dialogue (Fall & Spring)

Sisters and Brothers in Dialogue (Spring)

The Womanist Scholars Program (WSP)

Ford Fellows in Community Service Ministry Program (FFCSMP)

Research and Teaching – A one-year research and teaching program that supports study and research on Black women and religion/spirituality by Black women scholars.

Internship – A one-year internship pairing clergy and human service professionals in direct service delivery to increase professional development opportunities for women in religious and church leadership.

For more information contact:
Jacquelyn Grant, PhD
Originating Womanist
Founder and Director
The Office of Black Women in Church and Society




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